Ioana Burtea

Ioana Burtea is a Romanian reporter covering the justice beat for DoR magazine, a non-fiction quarterly.


She started working in journalism more than a decade ago, writing about law enforcement for a Bucharest-based news agency. She has a master’s degree in non-fiction writing from City University in London and has written a book on Moldovan national identity. She says covering justice has taught her to prepare for the unexpected when researching a story.

Fellowship Article


Once the scourge of crooked politicians, Romania’s anti-corruption agency is besieged and battered. Many fear it will never be the same.


27 Jun 2018 / 15:28

Tensions Rise as MPs Target Romania’s Justice System

Ioana Burtea

Summer in Bucharest is always hot and sticky. It’s 30 degrees Celsius before you even brush your teeth in the morning. It smells of exhaust pipes and rotting garbage dumped behind bushes. But lately, the stench has been coming from elsewhere.