Ružica Matić

Ružica Matić is a Croatian journalist based in Zagreb. She works for the daily newspaper 24sata, covering many of the major showbiz stories and interviewing Croatian and international celebrities. 


She also writes for the weekly magazine 24express on showbiz and cultural issues.

Matić has also worked at T-portal as a journalist and junior editor on the domestic news desk. Her main field of interest was domestic political and social issues, but she has also published articles covering important regional issues too.

She has written many articles analysing Croatia’s legislation and justice system, along with interviewing leading politicians. Matić has also worked as a researcher and screenwriter for the documentary series Ostati živ - which was nominated for a television award.

For her 2011 fellowship investigation, Matić examined age discrimination in the Croatian workplace. She discovered that not only were over 50s discriminated against in the employment market across Europe, many were unable to retire because they did not have sufficient contributions to claim a state pension.

In Macedonia, Matić found that dozens of desperate senior citizens have taken their own lives because they, like thousands more, were trapped in grinding poverty as they were unable to find jobs or retire after their contributions were pocketed by the owners of newly-privatised companies.

As well as covering her home country Croatia, Matić compared employment and retirement prospects for seniors in Macedonia, France and the UK.

Fellowship Portfolio

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