Momir Turudic

Momir Turudic from Belgrade, Serbia, is a journalist with several prestigious awards for covering Roma issues. He currently works as a journalist for Serbian weekly Vreme


Momir is familiar with Persian art, history and literature and is fluent in Farsi.

In 2009 Momir was awarded with the second prize at the end of the Balkan Fellowship for Journalistic Excellence annual programme for the article “Germany’s a Dream for Serbia’s Roma Returnees”.

Through a re-admission agreement between Serbia and the countries of the EC, many people came back to Serbia, most of them Roma. Momir wrote about the problems of re-integration and identity for young returning Roma who spent most of their lives in Western countries. He travelled to South Serbia, Germany and Kosovo.

Momir's research was supervised by Gordana Igric, an editor of BIRN's Balkan Insight publication.

Fellowship Portfolio

Germany’s a Dream for Serbia’s Roma Returnees

Thousands of young Roma who have spent years in Germany find it impossible to adapt when they’re forced to come back to a land that is no longer home.

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