Miodrag Sovilj

Miodrag Sovilj is a radio journalist in Serbia. 

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 His investigations into wrongdoing in the health and mining sector have prompted responses from top government officials and the police. His fellowship story looks at youth activists' efforts to take over abandoned public buildings in Serbia.

Fellowship Article

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Activists and the Serbian authorities fail to find common ground in a battle of ideals and real estate – unlike in Croatia and Slovenia.


04 Jun 2012 / 15:54

Lost Property

Miodrag Sovilj

Abandoned buildings tend to mean different things to different people. Some see them as spooky, or as a safety hazard. For some people, they are beautiful remnants of lost architectural styles. For others, they are eyesores that need to be torn down. And then there are those people who see in the abandoned building the glimmer of opportunity.