Majlinda Aliu

Majlinda Aliu is a Pristina-based journalist working for Radio Television Kosovo, reporting on political and social affairs. She previously worked for Koha Vision TV, also in Pristina


In 2008, she won the Journalism Poverty Prize for the best TV report, presented by the UN Kosovo team. She also received a broadcast award from the International Bureau of Epilepsy and UCB for her TV report: The Treatment of Epilepsy in Kosovo.

Majlinda took the first prize in the 2010 fellowship for her article examining the fate of Kosovan widows, in particular war widows, compared to their counterparts in Bosnia and the United Kingdom.

She focused on the strict codes applied to Kosovo’s war widows – many risk losing their children if they remarry.

She covered apparent double standards when it comes to Kosovan widowers. While widowed women are subject to harsh codes often forbidding remarriage, widowers are treated as victims who need a new wife as soon as possible.

Her research was supervised by Jeta Xharra, a regional editor for BIRN’s Balkan Insight.

Fellowship Portfolio

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