Konstantinos Kallergis

Kostas Kallergis is a freelance journalist and television producer based in Athens, with extensive experience in documentary-making.

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Kostas has worked with many international news organisations on their coverage of the Greek economic crisis. He holds degrees from universities in Britain and Poland.

Fellowship Article

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Some Greeks have embraced the far right despite having long leftist family traditions or relatives killed by the Nazis.


16 Jan 2015 / 16:11

Exclusive interview with jailed Golden Dawn politician Giorgos Germenis

Kostas Kallergis

Giorgos Germenis is one of the most high-profile figures in Golden Dawn, the Greek party which describes itself as nationalist but has been widely condemned at home and abroad as neo-fascist. He was the first Golden Dawn member to state publicly that his family had a communist background.

24 Jun 2014 / 11:50

Old war wounds still ache, 70 years on

Konstantinos Kallergis

For 10 days, driving through the countryside of the Peloponnese and Central Greece, I kept coming across marble memorials.