Jeta Abazi

Jeta works at the University of Pristina, Department of Journalism.

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She worked as a reporter for three years on the weekly television programme Jeta ne Kosove (Life in Kosovo).

She holds a Masters degree from the Kosovo Institution for Journalism and Mass Communication and has worked for international organisations including the European Commission and the German government’s international development agency, the GIZ.

Fellowship Article

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Women across the Balkans face a battle to overcome discrimination and exercise their legal rights to inherit.


11 Dec 2014 / 13:43

Magic and male dominance in a Kosovo town

Jeta Abazi Gashi

Osman Musliu, a 52-year-old imam, is driving me to the town of Vushtrri in northern Kosovo. Musliu wears a warm smile and a red tie. We are going to what he calls a divorce ceremony.

26 Jun 2014 / 17:56

Exploring inheritance - at Rita Ora’s dad’s place

Jeta Abazi

There’s something fitting about meeting at Rita Ora's father's pub. I’m looking into discrimination against women in family inheritance cases so it’s nice to be in a place that’s best known for its connection to the owner’s daughter.