Ivan Angelovski

Ivan Angelovski, from Serbia, is a freelance journalist currently engaged, among other projects, at B92 on the Potraga TV programme


The Potraga TV show helps families in their search for missing persons in Serbia and the former Yugoslav republics.

Ivan’s fellowship article investigated the strong political and social influences of the Orthodox and Catholic Church in both Serbia and Croatia which appears to provide its clergy with immunity from prosecution – despite the fact both countries are constitutionally secular states.

He investigated how religious leaders have became hugely powerful following the wave of nationalism in both Serbia and Croatia during the 1990s.

His article, Serbian Church Accused of Sex Abuse Cover-Up, examined allegations that high ranking members of the political, judicial and religious establishments might have acted to protect clergy members accused of sexually abusing minors.

The publication of Ivan’s article led to the organisation of a debate in Belgrade on the relationship between the media and the church. Analysts called on media editors to appoint specialist religious affairs reporters in order to improve coverage and transparency. Click here to read more

Ivan’s travelled to Croatia and the Irish Republic for his fellowship project. His research was supervised by Gordana Igric, BIRN regional director and editor of BIRN's Balkan Insight.

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Fellowship Portfolio

Culture of impunity shields pedophile clergy in Serbia and Croatia

Serbian and Croatian police do not have the political backing to confront child sex abuse crimes of the clergy. Clergy enjoy ‘de facto’ protection of state institutions, and judges and police are instructed not to proceed with such cases.

Serbian Church Accused of Sex Abuse Cover-Up

A powerful alliance of Orthodox clergy, judicial officials and politicians may have succeeded in shielding clerical child abusers from justice

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