Dollores Benezic

Dollores Benezic began her media career in 1994, four years after Romania became a democratic country. 


The country faced numerous challenges following the fall of communism and the Ceausescu regime, and she reported on local administration issues, health, justice and the prison system in Romania.

Benezic hosted a talk show for the private television channel Prima TV during 1996. At the same time, until 2004, she continued working at Curierul National, the daily newspaper where she started out as a journalist. From 2001, she was an editor coordinating a team of reporters that covered social issues.

In 2004, she moved to Cotidianul, another daily newspaper, which was a leading national in Romania for a few years until it was closed in December 2009, owing to the global economic crisis.

Benezic took up the editor position at Evenimentul Zilei newspaper in 2006 - owned by Ringier at that time - and worked there until 2009, heading the current events and social issues section.

Since the 2009 sale of the Evenimentul zilei newspaper, Benezic became a freelance journalist, writing mainly for magazines such as Esquire and Green Report, but also for some websites including and  She maintains a personal blog - – among other projects.

Benezic’s fellowship investigation revealed that employers across Europe have used new technology to spy on their workers’ private correspondence, in contravention of EU law on workplace monitoring. In Romania, workers claim bosses have used information gained about them to bully and blackmail them.

She compared public awareness of workplace monitoring equipment, practice and the law in Romania to Serbia, the UK and Germany.

Fellowship Portfolio


Digital Age Spawns Big Brother Bosses

Employers across Europe have read workers’ private emails and chat conversations by illegally using secret computer surveillance software; in Romania employees claim bosses have used information gained to blackmail and bully them.

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