Boryana Dzhambazova

Boryana is a freelance journalist based in Sofia.

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Her work has appeared in the International New York Times, Business Week, Fast Company and Global Post.

Boryana completed a Masters degree at New York University on a Fulbright scholarship. She started her journalism career in 2005, writing for both Bulgarian and foreign publications. Since then she has covered a wide range of topics - from economic and political developments to social affairs and human rights issues.

Fellowship Article

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Can a new generation of technology pioneers realise their dreams of Silicon Valley-style success?


07 Jul 2014 / 12:25

Starting up, Sofia style

Boryana Dzhambazova

It’s a muggy Friday night in June. The events hall at betahaus, a workspace for freelancers and small firms in the Bulgarian capital Sofia, is packed with people. The excitement is almost as high as the temperatures outside.