Boris Georgievski

Boris Georgievski from Skopje, Macedonia, is a political journalist currently working for Deutsche Welle Radio


Previously, he worked in both television and print media. In 2008 he was the winner of the 'Investigative Story of the Year', prize awarded by the Macedonia Institute for Media.

Boris investigated how the rise of nationalism during the so-called ‘search for Macedonian identity’ has affected Macedonian and Albanian ethnic communities, the future of the country itself and its multi-ethnicity. His story took him to Macedonia, Greece and Bulgaria.

Boris's research was supervised by Ana Petruseva, an editor of BIRN's Balkan Insight publication.

Fellowship Portfolio

Ghosts of the Past Endanger Macedonia’s Future

The drive to forge a new identity, as heir to the world of Classical Antiquity, creates identity crisis at home and worsens tensions with neighbours.

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