Ana Benacic

Ana Benacic focuses on politics and business stories in Croatia. 

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She has produced investigations, interviews and columns for a range of domestic news outlets. In May 2013 she was co-awarded of Marija Juric Zagorka prize in web journalism. Currently she works for Lupiga - a non profit investigative web redaction.

Fellowship Article


BIRN digs deeper into the sale of a once-successful Croatian farm that went the way of many privatisations in the region – leaving workers jobless and out-of-pocket.


06 Jun 2012 / 14:06

Poverty in a Land of Plenty

Ana Benacic

The countryside of Slavonia in eastern Croatia feels like a dream during springtime. The flat fields go on forever. The endless shades of green soothe the eyes, even when the sun is high. Looking around, one can’t help thinking that Mother Nature is a shameless show-off.