Aleksandar Manasiev

Aleksandar Manasiev reports on crime and the judiciary in Macedonia and nearby countries. 

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He has received several commendations for his investigative work, and is currently employed by the daily newspaper, Dnevnik. His fellowship story looks into the world of "ultras" in Macedonia - the groups of tough young men who support the local football teams.

Fellowship Article

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Hooligans in Macedonia stoke the embers of ethnic strife, and – like their Serbian counterparts – often escape punishment.


04 Jun 2012 / 15:28

More Than Just a Game

Aleksandar Manasiev

In a haze of fireworks, smoke and rain, the fans rushed onto the pitch to celebrate the goal that would clinch the league title for Vardar Skopje. Ordinarily, a pitch invasion would have cost their team penalty points – but on the last night of the season, Vardar’s fans had nothing to fear. The stadium echoed to triumphant chants. I joined the fans on the pitch and soon found myself among the players, all swept up in the moment.