Fellowship Articles

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Politics By Other Means: Balkan NGOs Breed MPs

Erjona Rusi

Foreign-funded civil society organisations are serving as a launchpad for political careers, provoking debate over their true function.


Smooth Operators: T-Mobile’s Macedonian Adventure

Goran Rizaov

BIRN reveals how an investigation into a telecoms deal yielded a $95 million corruption settlement in the US – while the politicians involved escaped scrutiny in Macedonia.

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School for Scandal: Corruption Downgrades Balkan Education

Dino Jahic

BIRN reveals how rampant bribery has devalued qualifications at universities in Bosnia and Serbia, driving many students abroad.


Uncivil Society: The Politicisation of Macedonia’s NGOs

Meri Jordanovska

Civil society groups promote the government’s plans and attack its opponents – raising doubts over their independence.

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No Rewards for Kosovo’s Women of War

Hana Marku

The women who struggled for Kosovo’s liberation have been written out of the post-conflict inheritance.


No Cure for Corruption

Elena Stancu

Doctors bribe doctors in Romania’s healthcare system – but their patients also pay a price.


Selective Memory

Katarina Panic

Bosnia’s post-war divisions are played out in the fight to build memorials at the sites of notorious wartime prisons.


Croatian Radio Waives the Rules

Melisa Skender

The privatised media remains at the mercy of the political interests that Brussels had hoped to weaken – a lesson to aspiring EU members, such as Serbia.

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How to Get Ahead in Romanian Politics

Vlad Odobescu

Romania’s anti-corruption agency keeps convicting politicians – but the people keep bringing them back.


Soldiers of Misfortune

Mirko Rudic

Serbia’s veterans struggle against the legacy of wartime defeats and denials, while their victorious counterparts thrive.