Fellows 2018

/en/file/show/Algis.jpg Arlis Alikaj

Arlis Alikaj is an Albanian freelance investigative reporter who specialises in conservation and social issues.

/en/file/show/Ioana.jpg Ioana Burtea

Ioana Burtea is a Romanian reporter covering the justice beat for DoR magazine, a non-fiction quarterly.

/en/file/show/Claudia.jpg Claudia Ciobanu

Claudia Ciobanu is a Romanian freelance journalist who specialises in human rights, development and the environment.

/en/file/show/Alexander.jpg Alexander Clapp

Alexander Clapp is an Athens-based freelance journalist whose articles about the Balkans have appeared in The American InterestThe New Left Review and The London Review of Books.

/en/file/show/Ivana.jpg Ivana Jeremić

Ivana Jeremić is a Serbian investigative reporter and fact-checker whose specialties include organised crime, money laundering and abuse of public procurement.

/en/file/show/Lorelei.jpg Lorelei Mihala

Lorelei Mihala is a Romanian journalist with more than 18 years of experience working in television.

/en/file/show/Andrea.jpg Andrea Milat

Andrea Milat is a Croatian journalist, translator, activist and Editor-in-Chief of regional news portal Bilten.org.

/en/file/show/Andjela.jpg Andjela Milivojević

Anđela Milivojević is a Serbian investigative journalist who loves data and multimedia.

/en/file/show/Leonida.jpg Leonida Molliqaj

Leonida Molliqaj is a journalist at the Kosovar Investigative Reporting Center in Pristina, specialising in corruption, gender inequality and social issues.

/en/file/show/Dusica.jpg Dusica Pavlovic

Dusica Pavlovic is a Montenegrin journalist in the investigative department of public broadcaster RTCG.