/en/file/show/BANNERfb.jpg ‘Where did everyone go?’ The sad, slow emptying of Bulgaria’s Vidin Angel Petrov

How the world capital of population decline gained its title and lost its youth.

/en/file/show/irb 8.jpg Croatian ‘Superbug River’ Puts Pharma Pollution Under the Microscope Vedrana Simicevic

Warnings of deadly superbugs in Croatia’s biggest river raise serious questions about antibiotic pollution from drug production. Why have authorities failed to act?

/en/file/show/DSCN8347.jpg No Country for the Needy: Bosnia Fails to House its Displaced Milena Mitrovic

How Bosnia’s neglect of its wartime displaced foreshadowed its latest humanitarian crisis.

/en/file/show/DJI_0397bfje.jpg ‘Energy Independence’: Critics Turn Up Heat on Croatian LNG Plan Jelena Prtoric

Environmentalists and locals decry it. Experts call it a waste of taxpayers’ money. So why is Croatia pressing ahead with a project to turn a top tourist destination into a hub for liquid natural gas?

/en/file/show/_DSC1567.jpg Alexander the Bot: The Twitter War for the Macedonian Soul Kostas Zafeiropoulos

From ‘ghost users’ to ‘cyborg bots’, a BIRN investigation shows how nationalists in North Macedonia, Greece and beyond are unleashing automated armies on social media to rally the masses.

/en/file/show/tandarei_fair02 - pixelated.jpg Blind Justice for Romania’s Trafficked Roma Children Ani Sandu

Romanian prosecutors thought they had an open-and-shut case against the alleged leaders of one of Europe’s largest child trafficking rings. After almost a decade, why has no one been convicted?

/en/file/show/DSC_0098 (2).jpg Brain Drain: Will the Last Doctor in Kosovo Turn Out the Lights? Shkumbin Ahmetxhekaj

BIRN reveals the alarming impact of emigration on Kosovo’s health system — exacerbated by an unregulated private industry churning out medical staff for export to Germany.

/en/file/show/IMG_20170521_205922-e1563525141331-1280x720sm.jpg Foul Play: Serbia’s Football Hooligans Get Down to Business Ivana Jeremic

They have friends in high places and a stranglehold over the private security industry. Serbia’s football thugs are flexing their muscles.

/en/file/show/1bfje.jpg Diaspora Politics: Turkey’s New Balkan Ambassadors Hamdi Firat Buyuk, Alexander Clapp and Serbeze Haxhiaj

More and more Turks are ‘coming home’ to the Balkans. As a new diaspora community takes root, will it transplant the values of Erdogan’s ‘new Turkey’?

/en/file/show/2017_Change.jpg Fellowship Publication 2017: Change

In interpreting this year’s theme, 10 journalists chosen for the Balkan Fellowship for Journalistic Excellence hunted for signs of change in areas as diverse as human rights, the environment, gender issues, family values, healthcare, electioneering, nationalism and identity politics.