/en/file/show/1bfje.jpg Diaspora Politics: Turkey’s New Balkan Ambassadors Hamdi Firat Buyuk, Alexander Clapp and Serbeze Haxhiaj

More and more Turks are ‘coming home’ to the Balkans. As a new diaspora community takes root, will it transplant the values of Erdogan’s ‘new Turkey’?

/en/file/show/2017_Change.jpg Fellowship Publication 2017: Change

In interpreting this year’s theme, 10 journalists chosen for the Balkan Fellowship for Journalistic Excellence hunted for signs of change in areas as diverse as human rights, the environment, gender issues, family values, healthcare, electioneering, nationalism and identity politics.

/en/file/show/2016_Trust.jpg Fellowship Publication 2016: Trust

From the Adriatic to the Black Sea, from Palermo to Plovdiv, this year’s fellows have travelled widely to tell the stories of how trust can be shaken, squandered, misplaced and – sometimes – restored.

/en/file/show/Constitution close up_bfje.jpg Right to Know: A Beginner’s Guide to State Secrecy Dusica Pavlovic

Governments in the Balkans are chipping away at transparency laws to make it harder for journalists and activists to hold power to account.

/en/file/show/ALI_9560low_bfje.jpg Scavenger Hunters: Kosovo’s Exploited Scrap Collectors Leonida Molliqaj

Scrap for recycling is Kosovo’s number one export. It is a 40-million-euro industry built on the backs of exploited minorities and children.

Topic 2019: Freedom

We are surrounded by the promise of freedom. Politicians promise freedom from tyranny, new technologies promise to free up our routines. We are bombarded by messages telling us which cars to buy, which apps to download, which wars to support – messages that appeal to our apparent love of freedom. The EU promises the free movement of people, goods and services. The opponents of the EU promise freedom from the EU. Everyone, it seems, wants us to be free.

Application Call 2019

Do you know of a brilliant story that is begging to be reported? Do you want to take your skills as a journalist to another level, receiving close editorial support and a generous allowance in order to research a subject in depth? If the answer to either of those questions is yes, you should consider applying for the Balkan Fellowship for Journalistic Excellence.

/en/file/show/h_54015455.jpg Bombs and Bullets: Fear and Loathing in North Kosovo Andjela Milivojevic

A year after the murder of Kosovo Serb politician Oliver Ivanovic, a slew of gun and bomb attacks in Kosovo’s lawless north remain unsolved.

/en/file/show/DSC02494 (1).jpg Truth and Justice: Romania’s Wrongly Accused Lorelei Mihala

Romania has the worst record for unfair trials in the European Union. With the justice system mired in controversy, ordinary victims of judicial errors face an uphill struggle.

/en/file/show/180215_CONFERINTA_LCK_000_INQUAM_Photos_Octav_Ganea.jpg Divide and Conquer: How Romania Lost the War on Corruption Ioana Burtea

Once the scourge of crooked politicians, Romania’s anti-corruption agency is besieged and battered. Many fear it will never be the same.