Fellows 2016


Marija Jankovic

Marija Jankovic is a journalist at the Serbian daily Vecernje Novosti, specialising in the energy industry.


Adrian Lungu

A journalist for the past 15 years, Adrian Lungu has been an editor at the Romanian quarterly magazine Decat o Revista since 2011, having spent seven years at the EurActiv.ro portal that focuses on European Union affairs and policies.


Diana Mesesan

Diana Mesesan is a Bucharest-based features writer who has contributed to The Black Sea, Romania-Insider, Decat o Revista and Think Outside the Box, with a focus on rights and human interest stories.


Maria Milkova

Maria Milkova is a journalist and photographer working at the Bulgarian national television NOVA tv. Maria focuses on social issues, civil society and human rights.


Elvis Nabolli

Elvis Nabolli is a journalist for Albanian News TV and contributes to other media mainly from the northern Shkodra region. 


Dimitra Triantafyllou

Dimitra Triantafyllou is a journalist focusing on social issues, health and gender.


Serbeze Haxhiaj

Serbeze Haxhiaj is a news editor at the public broadcaster Radio Television of Kosovo (RTK) with a background in investigative journalism on issues such as corruption, justice, security and terrorism.


Bojan Blazhevski

Bojan Blazhevski writes for the Macedonian architecture, construction and urban development website Build.mk. 


Aleksandrina Ginkova

Aleksandrina Ginkova writes about international affairs for the Bulgarian news website Dnevnik.bg, focusing mainly on the European Union, Turkey, the Balkans and Nordic countries. 


Masenjka Bacic

Masenjka Bacic has been a freelance print and broadcast journalist since 2007, focused mainly on social and cultural issues and minority rights.