Toxic Taps: Arsenic in Water Stirs Cancer Fears

Milos Stanic Komletinci, Novi Becej, Budapest

Almost a million people in Serbia, Croatia and Hungary are exposed to carcinogenic drinking water with arsenic levels above the legal limit, a BIRN investigation reveals.

A resident of Komletinci fills plastic water bottles at a cistern near the main square. Photo: Aleksandar Latas

 They always knew there was something funny about the water.

In Komletinci, a village in eastern Croatia a stone’s throw from the Serbian border, it gurgles from the tap with a whiff of ammonia. Its colour varies from pale yellow to reddish brown. It tastes like rust.

However unpalatable, few people thought to doubt its safety. For 28 years, since the construction of a local plant to supply homes with treated groundwater, villagers have been holding their noses and drinking it.

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