Topic 2017: Change

Is there a story you have always wanted to write? Can you link it to the topic? Or simply let CHANGE inspire a new story idea. Just make sure you have a strong central proposal, however loosely or closely it is connected to the theme.

Perhaps consider CHANGE in terms of political or social trends. Can you identify changes in the way countries or communities interact or perceive one another? How are societies changing, in terms of demography, values or rights? 

Or economies, businesses and the rights of workers are changing, and you can look at how, why and what the consequences might be? Maybe you want to look at how crime is changing, or healthcare or attitudes towards faith or vulnerable groups. The environment, too, is changing around us.

Or perhaps your story is the absence of CHANGE, the animosities that endure, the stubborn practices of the past or the friendships that survive.

Whatever your idea, remember this – the fellowship is about crossing borders. It offers the chance to examine the experiences of different countries in the region and in the European Union. So your story should not be about just your home country. Look at the experiences of other countries and work them into your proposal.

Your story should be topical and tell the reader something new. It should have an investigative or analytical element, and a strong central narrative. Think about your angle, what it is you want to say, and why the reader should be interested.