Selective Amnesia: Croatia’s Holocaust Deniers

Tamara Opacic Zagreb, Jasenovac, Kielce, Belgrade

Despite laws against the denial or diminishment of genocide crimes, the EU’s newest member state has done little to crack down on voices downplaying World War II atrocities.

People honour the dead of Jasenovac concentration camp in a service organised by representatives of Serb and anti-fascist groups in April 2017 as an alternative to the annual state commemoration. Photo: Nenad Jovanovic

The mugshots show Ivo Goldstein, a Jewish librarian and book dealer, looking bright-eyed and calm — even after nine days of confinement in a Croatian police cell. One of the prints bears the number 28888 and a date: April 21, 1941.

Seventy-six years after they were taken by a police photographer, the photos hang as a triptych on the bedroom wall of Goldstein’s son, Daniel, in a drab apartment block in Zagreb’s Zaprudje neighbourhood.

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