Greeks Take Health into Their Own Hands

Dimitra Triantafyllou Athens

Let down by the public health system, some Greeks are sharing pills, skipping medicine or putting their faith in a growing industry of nutritional supplements.

Vasiliki Katsoula holds one of the many boxes of medication she shares with her parents at their Athens home. Photo: Anna Pantelia.

At first glance, Vasiliki Katsoula and Konstantinos Karaouzas have little in common.

Katsoula is a thickset 48-year-old woman, depressed, out of work and on the brink of poverty in a hardscrabble district of Athens. Karaouzas is a 39-year-old Paralympic swimmer from a well-heeled suburb of the capital, with a sinewy torso and salt-and-pepper beard.

Yet there is one thing they do share – both feel badly let down by Greece’s crumbling healthcare system and are taking their health into their own hands

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