Foul Play: Serbia’s Football Hooligans Get Down to Business

Ivana Jeremic Belgrade

They have friends in high places and a stranglehold over the private security industry. Serbia’s football thugs are flexing their muscles.

A row of hardcore Partizan supporters, including Milovan Tadic (fourth from the left), celebrate their team’s victtory on the south terrace of Partizan stadium in May 2017. Photo: BIRN

Slobodan Vukic was drinking whiskey at the Tilt nightclub on Belgrade’s Sava riverfront when drunkenness turned to disaster.

After knocking over some glasses at the bar, the 30-year-old truck driver tried to order more shots. His friends wanted him to leave. Vukic persisted. Then the bouncers came.

“I know these places and these people,” said Miroslav Basta, a friend who was with Vukic at the club that night in December 2015. “They beat you up, then they throw you out, no matter if you’ve caused trouble or not.”

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