Fellowship Publication 2017: Change

In interpreting this year’s theme, 10 journalists chosen for the Balkan Fellowship for Journalistic Excellence hunted for signs of change in areas as diverse as human rights, the environment, gender issues, family values, healthcare, electioneering, nationalism and identity politics.

What they found were dramas of entrenchment and intransigence: the stubbornness of vested interests, the doggedness of corruption and organised crime, the pervasiveness of traditional bigotries. 

From the freshwater wildernesses of Montenegro to the back alleys of Istanbul, we see the enduring failure of institutions to safeguard the public good and protect the vulnerable. We learn of tricks used by the powerful to rig the system in their favour. We count the human toll of discrimination. 

But do not be fooled by the weight of inertia in these tales from Southeast Europe. While some news subjects have change written all over them, the subtler transitions sometimes speak the loudest about where societies are heading. 

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Published in 2017 by the Balkan Investigative Reporting Regional Network 

Branilaca Sarajeva 14/I, 71 000 Sarajevo

Bosnia and Herzegovina 

Editor: Timothy Large 

Local Editors: Ana Petruseva, Besar Likmeta, Gordana Igric, Gordana Andrić, Dušica Tomović, Jeta Xharra, Marija Cheresheva, Marian Chiriac, Srećko Latal and Sven Milekić 

Proofreader: Anita Rice 

Designed by Miloš Sinđelić 

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