Fellowship Publication 2016: Trust

From the Adriatic to the Black Sea, from Palermo to Plovdiv, this year’s fellows have travelled widely to tell the stories of how trust can be shaken, squandered, misplaced and – sometimes – restored.

They have interviewed octogenarian architects, witnesses to war crimes, mafia prosecutors, drug smugglers, care workers, vigilantes, doctors, police officers and, of course, politicians. 

Their hard work, the long hours and tough questions paid off, and the results are particularly valuable at a moment when issues of trust are at the heart of momentous changes beyond the Balkans, from Brussels to Washington and Whitehall. Trust in one’s neighbour, in newcomers, in the tried and tested. Trust in false promises and ‘fake news’. 

This book shows we can continue to trust in the power of great journalism.

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Published in 2016 by the Balkan Investigative Reporting Regional Network

Branilaca Sarajeva 14/I, 71 000 Sarajevo

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Editor: Matthew Robinson

Local Editors: Ana Petruseva, Besar Likmeta, Gordana Igric, Jeta Xharra, Marija Cheresheva, Marian Chiriac and Sofia Papadopulo  

Proofreader: Anita Rice 

Designed by Miloš Sinđelić

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ERSTE Foundation
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Balkan Investigative Reporting Regional Network