Training Materials and Resources

The Balkan Fellowship programme presents a collection of educational and training materials for journalists and editors. These materials, free to download, serve as a basic professional guidance aiming to foster the quality of news reporting and uplift journalists’ capacities.


Vienna 2011: Fellowship Programme Guides

There are three key phases in the programme, check out the BFJE 2011 guides on how to organise and present your investigation.

Phase One: Research and Preparation (May)
Phase Two: Reporting (June and July)
Phase Three: Legal, Writing and Editing (August)
Presenting Your Investigation Online

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Planning and Research Tips

Each investigative story can be seen as a small project. Eric Jansson shares some tips how to develop your research plan, structure and organise your time and money and maximise your chances of getting a quality story.

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UK Libel Law for Journalists

English journalists and editors often repeat the mantra: don’t write what you know, write what you can prove. Download this material and introduce yourself to the standards of reporting prescribed by UK law, the strictest in this field.

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Ethics and Code of Conduct

Each participant in the programme has to be familiar with professional standards and values and fully respect them while taking part in this prestigious programme.  The fellows are expected to respect the values of transparency, integrity, accountability and act fully in accordance with the prescribed code of conduct.

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Writing Tips for 2010 Fellows

Check out the Marcus Tanner's practical writing tips that fellows of the 2010 programme received at the preparatory training.

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Writing In-depth Analyses

In-depth analyses attempt to really get to the bottom of an issue, dealing with its causes and consequences. This material helps journalists to identify potential subjects, prepare research and write solid in-depth analyses.

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Balkan Fellowship for Journalistc Excellence: A Practical Guide

This practical guide will, in a few simple steps, help journalists to manage their resources and produce articles according to international standards. The guide will teach journalists how to conduct research, undertake the reporting, organise material, write and edit the story.

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Feature Writing

Journalists interested in learning the characteristics of this specific genre can download the material below and get instructions on writing a successful feature.

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BIRN Editorial Guidelines

The Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN) insists on the highest journalistic standards and quality of reporting and has strict editorial guidelines for its journalists and fellows. These regulations guarantee accuracy, independence, integrity in reporting and full respect of public interest.

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