Fellowship Projects 2010

Without rehabilitation programmes and support network, Macedonia’s ex-prisoners face quick return to jail

Ruzica Fotinovska

Macedonia’s prisons are amongst the worst anywhere, as recent European and State Department reports have attested.

A nation hooked on tranquillizers and anti depressants?

Mila Popova

Why is there substantial per cent of adult Bulgarians reliant on pills to get by? When did this start? Is it abuse of the system by doctors – prescribing drugs far too easily as a cure-all?

Albanians wink at mixed marriages - when tolerance pays

Jeton Musliu

Kosovo Albanians are socially conservative and rarely marry outside the community.

Culture of impunity shields pedophile clergy in Serbia and Croatia

Ivan Angelovski

Serbian and Croatian police do not have the political backing to confront child sex abuse crimes of the clergy. Clergy enjoy ‘de facto’ protection of state institutions, and judges and police are instructed not to proceed with such cases.

Can women that have escaped domestic violence ever regain a normal life?

Georgiana Ilie

The roots of violence are socially accepted in religion, tradition and culture of the Balkan countries.

Albania’s conservative society resists advance of new values

Ervin Qafmolla

The continuing appeal of the canon (like the one of Leke Dukadjini), as well as conventional heritage prohibits premarital sex to a tribal society, especially in the rural north.

Childless mothers pay high price for getting round their ‘curse’

Doroteya Nikolova

Barrenness is a social stigma in the Balkans - but those who attempt to get round this by obtaining surrogate mothers run up against once obstacle after another.

Tradition keeps Kosovo’s war widows in black

Majlinda Aliu

The war in Kosovo in the late 1990s left a large number of women, some very young, as widows.


Topic 2010: Taboo

Taboos change – rapidly. Homosexuality was once a taboo in Western Europe, as was “living in sin”, [i.e. outside marriage], abortion, childlessness, physical disabilities, atheism and suicide


07 Oct 2010 / 12:33

It was good to talk

Marcus Tanner
06 Oct 2010 / 10:20

Strange Times in Skopje

Jeton Musliu
01 Sep 2010 / 11:20

Completing the B Ring

Mircea Dan Opris
23 Aug 2010 / 13:35

Ten Intros later...

Jeton Musliu
16 Aug 2010 / 16:23

My last stop

Georgiana Ilie
13 Aug 2010 / 10:09

The hardest thing in my research

Majlinda Aliu
02 Aug 2010 / 10:20

Two months of silence, so much info

Mircea Dan Opris
27 Jul 2010 / 14:54

Now is the time to write

Jeton Musliu
16 Jul 2010 / 11:13

Heat Follows Me Everywhere, Even to London

Mila Popova