Fellows 2012

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Saska Cvetkovska

Saska Cvetkovska has worked as a journalist for hard-hitting TV news shows in Macedonia. 

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Samir Kajosevic

Samir Kajosevic reports for the Montenegrin daily newspaper, Vijesti. 

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Eldin Hadzovic

Eldin Hadzovic reports on post-war Bosnia for the domestic and international press. 

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Arbana Xharra

Arbana Xharra has won several awards for her investigative reporting in Kosovo. 

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Sorana Stanescu

 Sorana Stanescu has worked for the Romanian press and for BBC TV's flagship investigative show, Panorama. 

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Aleksandra Bogdani

Aleksandra Bogdani has spent the best part of a decade covering crime, corruption and courtroom stories in Albania. 

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Miodrag Sovilj

Miodrag Sovilj is a radio journalist in Serbia. 

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Ana Benacic

Ana Benacic focuses on politics and business stories in Croatia. 

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Dimiter Kenarov

Dimiter Kenarov's journalism has been published by Esquire and The International Herald Tribune, among others. 

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Aleksandar Manasiev

Aleksandar Manasiev reports on crime and the judiciary in Macedonia and nearby countries. 


Topic 2012: Communities

The recipients of this year’s fellowship are considering subjects as diverse as hooliganism, activism and migration in search for employment – all under the broader theme of “communities”.


More Than Just a Game

Aleksandar Manasiev

Post-independence Blues

Samir Kajosevic

Lost Property

Miodrag Sovilj