Fellows 2010


Ruzica Fotinovska

Ruzica Fotinovska is a reporter on the daily Macedonia newspaper Vest, covering social affairs, politics and public policy


Mircea Dan Opris

Mircea Dan Opris is a Romanian investigative reporter and photographer for the national daily newspaper Jurnalul National


Mila Popova

Mila Popova from Sofia, Bulgaria, works on the international news desk of the Dnevnik daily, writing news analysis and conducting interviews and investigations


Majlinda Aliu

Majlinda Aliu is a Pristina-based journalist working for Radio Television Kosovo, reporting on political and social affairs. She previously worked for Koha Vision TV, also in Pristina


Jeton Musliu

Jeton Musliu a journalist based in Pristina, currently works on the domestic news desk for the daily Kosovan newspaper Express. He has published numerous investigative articles on topics ranging from corruption, justice, security and terrorism.


Ivan Angelovski

Ivan Angelovski, from Serbia, is a freelance journalist currently engaged, among other projects, at B92 on the Potraga TV programme


Georgiana Ilie

Georgiana Ilie, from Romania, writes in-depth features for numerous magazines on subjects including culture, human rights, environment and inspirational people.


Ervin Qafmolla

Ervin Qafmolla is a journalist based in Tirana, Albania. He works at MAPO magazine as a business and economics writer. He is responsible for reporting, writing news analyses and editing economics and social affairs content for MAPO


Doroteya Nikolova

Doroteya Nikolova, from Bulgaria, is currently employed as a radio show host, news editor and broadcast journalist at Radio Varna - a regional station of the Bulgarian National Radio network.


Topic 2010: Taboo

Taboos change – rapidly. Homosexuality was once a taboo in Western Europe, as was “living in sin”, [i.e. outside marriage], abortion, childlessness, physical disabilities, atheism and suicide


07 Oct 2010 / 12:33

It was good to talk

Marcus Tanner
06 Oct 2010 / 10:20

Strange Times in Skopje

Jeton Musliu
01 Sep 2010 / 11:20

Completing the B Ring

Mircea Dan Opris
23 Aug 2010 / 13:35

Ten Intros later...

Jeton Musliu
16 Aug 2010 / 16:23

My last stop

Georgiana Ilie
13 Aug 2010 / 10:09

The hardest thing in my research

Majlinda Aliu
02 Aug 2010 / 10:20

Two months of silence, so much info

Mircea Dan Opris
27 Jul 2010 / 14:54

Now is the time to write

Jeton Musliu
16 Jul 2010 / 11:13

Heat Follows Me Everywhere, Even to London

Mila Popova