19 Dec 2011 / 16:56

Alumni Funding: Opportunities for Years to Come

Altin Raxhimi

A 2007 fellow, who undertook a research trip to Turkey on an Alumni Initiative reporting project, tells this year’s candidates the fellowship provides opportunities for years to come.

19 Dec 2011 / 16:44

‘A Perfect Opportunity to Take Your Story a Level Further’

Nikoleta Popkostadinova

Follow your passion, demonstrate your specialist knowledge and take time over your fellowship application, a 2007 fellow advises 2012 applicants.

09 Nov 2011 / 10:41

The Fellowship: ‘It Was Worth It!’

Juliana Koleva

The prize is not the most important thing, we are all winners and have also become more capable and self-confident, says 2011 fellow Juliana Koleva.

23 Sep 2011 / 12:38

Macedonia’s American Dream

Slobodanka Jovanovska

“One name we have and it is in our hearts,” so goes Macedonia’s new, unofficial national anthem following the country’s European Basketball Championship success.

22 Sep 2011 / 09:55

EU Rules Benefit Croatian Jobseekers

Ruzica Matic

Since Croatia aligned its employment laws with EU regulations, the percentage of unemployed over 50s has dropped, albeit slightly.

20 Sep 2011 / 10:51

The Fellowship Endgame

Jelena Kulidzan

After three months of research, 300 sent emails, 30 interviews, days of reading and quite a few stress symptoms, Jelena Kulidzan completes her Balkan Fellowship for Journalistic Excellence story. Was it worth the 2,500 words?

14 Sep 2011 / 10:45

Sofia’s Schengen Compromise

Juliana Koleva

Bulgaria is pinning its hopes on joining the border control-free Schengen zone in stages, as its ability to deal with the expected influx of asylum seekers remains in question.

12 Sep 2011 / 12:44

The Story Ends, Almost

Elira Canga

Completing the Albanian part of her fellowship investigation has been far from easy, finds Elira Canga.

08 Sep 2011 / 10:30

The Final Countdown

Dollores Benezic

Reducing an epic story to 2,500 words while sampling German sausages, Serbian cevapcici and British rain added up to “the most beautiful four months of my career”, says 2011 Balkan journalism fellow Dollores Benezic.

03 Aug 2011 / 11:29

UK Rape Survivors Demand Justice

Jelena Kulidzan

Women had to fight hard to reform the way the state handles sexual violence in the UK, but the results include specially trained police, prosecutors and judges, plus a rise in the number of reported rapes.


Topic 2011: Justice

The topic for this year’s programme is justice and fellows are investigating subjects as diverse as privatisation, organised crime, employment law, rape convictions and extradition treaties.

Vienna 2011: Fellowship Programme Guides Compiled by: Anita Rice

There are three key phases in the programme, check out the BFJE 2011 guides on how to organise and present your investigation.

Phase One: Research and Preparation (May)
Phase Two: Reporting (June and July)
Phase Three: Legal, Writing and Editing (August)
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