Fellowship Diary 2010

07 Oct 2010 / 12:33

It was good to talk

Marcus Tanner

“It’s good to talk.” So goes a well-known British Telecom advertising slogan. BT is quite right: it is good to talk. This was the first year in four years of editing the Fellowship that I actually traveled to the region to meet and talk to the writers in person before editing their projects.

06 Oct 2010 / 10:20

Strange Times in Skopje

Jeton Musliu

It was hard, stressful but exciting. I still can’t believe the Fellowship Programme is going to end very soon. It started in May, and I thought it was going to be a very long year until October, the time we expect our stories to be published. Surprise! October has just arrived!

01 Sep 2010 / 11:20

Completing the B Ring

Mircea Dan Opris

I finally managed to close the B Ring, after almost five months of travel and research. And what do you think the “B Ring” is? A network of cities and places I traveled across this summer.

23 Aug 2010 / 13:35

Ten Intros later...

Jeton Musliu

Compose, write, delete. Compose, write, delete. Compose, write delete.

16 Aug 2010 / 16:23

My last stop

Georgiana Ilie

On my last stop in the reporting travels I was in Belgrade for two extremely hot days. I visited the Autonomous Women's Center, an NGO devoted to affirming women's rights and combat domestic violence.

13 Aug 2010 / 10:09

The hardest thing in my research

Majlinda Aliu

Getting a visa to travel to Croatia was one of my biggest challenges in this fellowship project!

02 Aug 2010 / 10:20

Two months of silence, so much info

Mircea Dan Opris

It has been two months since I updated my travel log with the fellowship. Honestly, I did not know exactly what to write besides regular personal travel impressions, which are not very interesting.

29 Jul 2010 / 12:20

New Depth and Vision Gained in Vienna

I like to support my reporting by reading relevant sociological studies or philosophical takes on the subject I’m writing about.

27 Jul 2010 / 14:54

Now is the time to write

Jeton Musliu

Travel time is over. After Kosovo, Serbia and Germany, now it’s time to sit down and listen to my interviews. There are so many of them. And I have to put it all in 2,500 words.

16 Jul 2010 / 11:13

Heat Follows Me Everywhere, Even to London

Mila Popova

I know now that I should have cut out and collected those newspaper headlines.