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Cult of Virginity Fades Slowly in Albania

Ervin Qafmolla

While Tirana embraces the modern sexual revolution, traditional moral codes still hold sway in remote northern Albania. But even there, things are gradually changing.

Kosovars Turn Blind Eye to Fake Foreign Marriages

Jeton Musliu

Kosovar Albanians are increasingly tolerant of men who divorce local wives in order to temporarily marry foreigners and obtain resident status in the West.

Trapped in Black: Balkan War Widows

Majlinda Aliu

War widows throughout Europe may have shared a common fate, but their subsequent life experiences - from socially conservative Kosovo to liberal England- are radically different.

Freed Prisoners Remain Caught Behind Bars

Ruzica Fotinovska

Shunned by their families and unable to access formal rehabilitation programmes, many former prisoners in Macedonia quickly reoffend and end up back where they started.

Battered Wives Shunned in the Balkans

Georgiana Ilie

Women who evict violent husbands from the family home often face disapproval, even outright hostility, from neighbours and relatives in the patriarchal societies in which they live.

Women Head East for Wombs to Rent

Doroteya Nicolova

Banned from paying someone to carry a child for them at home, infertile women travel as far as Ukraine in search of surrogate mothers

Addiction to Pills Grips the Balkans

Mila Popova

The use of tranquillizers and antidepressants appears to be on the rise in south-eastern Europe, as people struggle to recover from recent wars and cope with the stresses of modern consumerism.

Serbian Church Accused of Sex Abuse Cover-Up

Ivan Angelovski

A powerful alliance of Orthodox clergy, judicial officials and politicians may have succeeded in shielding clerical child abusers from justice


Topic 2010: Taboo

Taboos change – rapidly. Homosexuality was once a taboo in Western Europe, as was “living in sin”, [i.e. outside marriage], abortion, childlessness, physical disabilities, atheism and suicide


07 Oct 2010 / 12:33

It was good to talk

Marcus Tanner
06 Oct 2010 / 10:20

Strange Times in Skopje

Jeton Musliu
01 Sep 2010 / 11:20

Completing the B Ring

Mircea Dan Opris
23 Aug 2010 / 13:35

Ten Intros later...

Jeton Musliu
16 Aug 2010 / 16:23

My last stop

Georgiana Ilie
13 Aug 2010 / 10:09

The hardest thing in my research

Majlinda Aliu
02 Aug 2010 / 10:20

Two months of silence, so much info

Mircea Dan Opris
27 Jul 2010 / 14:54

Now is the time to write

Jeton Musliu
16 Jul 2010 / 11:13

Heat Follows Me Everywhere, Even to London

Mila Popova