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Addicted to change: Renaming Streets in Balkans

Marius Cosmeanu

The battle over renaming streets in Eastern Europe since the fall of communism reflects their importance as symbols of identity, history and power.

Montenegro’s Gay Community Stays Hidden to Survive

Nela Lazarevic

The invisibility of homosexuals and lesbians in public and social spheres is further slowing efforts to overcome homophobia in this conservative society.

Cruel Wars Cast Shadow Over Mixed Marriages

Barbara Matejcic

In the ethnically homogenised communities of Bosnia and Croatia, mixed marriages are stigmatised as a symbol of a discredited way of life.

Germany’s a Dream for Serbia’s Roma Returnees

Momir Turudic

Thousands of young Roma who have spent years in Germany find it impossible to adapt when they’re forced to come back to a land that is no longer home.

Institutions Remain Dumping Grounds for Forgotten People

Yana Buhrer Tavanier

Reform is coming too slowly to institutions for adults with intellectual and mental health disabilities in Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia, where chronic neglect, filthy conditions, and the use of physical restraints and high-dosage drugs to control behaviour remain routine.

Families Pay the Price as Women Go West

Maja Hrgovic

Changing labour patterns in Western Europe are creating new opportunities for Balkan women who are ready to work abroad. A dream for some, it’s a nightmare for some of their families.

Bosnian Muslims: Threat or Opportunity?

Sabina Niksic

With their European culture and Islamic faith, Bosnian Muslims want to act as a bridge between East and West but instead feel rejected.

Political Developments Spark Kosovo Identity Debate

Arjan Konomi

Following decades of enforced separation, Albanians are discussing how different they've become.

Ghosts of the Past Endanger Macedonia’s Future

Boris Georgievski

The drive to forge a new identity, as heir to the world of Classical Antiquity, creates identity crisis at home and worsens tensions with neighbours.

Forged Identity – highway to EU

Adrian Mogos

Fake identity cards can easily be obtained in Romania and Bulgaria, and many illegal migrants use them to reach Western Europe.


Topic 2009: Identity

The collapse of the Iron Curtain in 1989 triggered a frenzied phase of nation-building in Eastern Europe, while some Balkan nations embarked on armed conflicts aimed at strengthening national, religious and cultural identities.


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Sabina Niksic in Sarajevo
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Barbara Matejcic
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Maja Hrgovic
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The more you know, the less you want to say

Sabina Niksic
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Book of Records

Momir Tuduric
21 Aug 2009 / 13:33

A Big Dilemma

Boris Georgievski
05 Aug 2009 / 11:11

Children vs. Adults

Yana Buhrer Tavanier
03 Aug 2009 / 13:20

When you have nothing to say, say nothing

Sabina Niksic
30 Jul 2009 / 10:10

To Berlin via Vranje

Momir Turudic