Fellowship Articles

Balkan Earthquake is Felt Far Away

Darko Duridanski

From the Basque country to the Caucasus, the implications of the former Serbian province’s march to independence are being followed - and debated.

Tuning the Soul to Something Higher

Zvezdana Crnogorac

From Austria to Serbia and Russia, alternative music has played a powerful role in challenging conservative societies.

Fighting the Power Proves Tough in Croatia

Dalibor Dobric

The Croatian state may have embraced energy conservation as part of its EU accession - but when individual consumers try to save energy, it’s far from easy.

Winds of Change Blow Past Bosnia

Mirsad Bajtarevic

While Western Europe increasingly embraces alternative energy, Balkan states are ignoring the potential gains.

Dash for Wealth Dooms Wild Serbia-Bulgaria Frontier

Aleksandra Stankovic

Plans to build a winter resort in the Stara Planina mountains between Serbia and Bulgaria could have dire consequences for this unspoiled resource.

Kosovo: Power Games Delay Escape from Poverty

Lavdim Hamidi

In spite of generous foreign investment, the electricity is still ‘off’ for much of the time in Kosovo – damaging the impoverished country’s prospects.

Energy Challenge Leaves Balkans Divided

Gjergj Erebara

Experts say the cure for the region’s energy woes lies in price rises, market liberalization and the adoption of common approaches but governments don’t get it.

Romania Miners Remain in Dark about Future

Andreea Gheorghe

While prospects look bright for coal workers in Bulgaria, the fate of their once powerful counterparts in Romania is more uncertain.

Nuclear Power: Curse or Opportunity?

Magda Munteanu

Balkan states are gambling on the nuclear option as the best way to reduce the energy shortage but whether the risks pay off remains to be seen.

South Stream Turns into Southern Dream

Stanimir Vaglenov

From Italy across the Balkans to Bulgaria, local communities appear eager to join Russia’s ambitious gas pipeline project, despite the risk of growing energy dependency on Moscow.


Topic 2008: Energy

Energy is a topic that preoccupies officials, politicians and citizens across Europe - and arguably one of the biggest challenges facing this continent and the international community.