Fellowship Articles

Jobs Boom in Bulgaria Leaves Roma Behind

Nikoleta Popkostadinova

If no investment is made soon in the marginalised Roma, Europe’s largest minority will remain in a poverty trap.

Sound of Music Heals Wounds in Former Yugoslavia

Davor Konjikušić

Pragmatic interests are replacing the old ideology of “brotherhood and unity” as a motor for renewed artistic cooperation.

Greening of the Sea Gives Adriatic States the Blues

Bojana Stanisic

A plague of invasive algae is testing countries’ willingness to work together to save their marine heritage and tourist industries.

Legacy of War Crimes Hinders Balkan Reconciliation

Nenad Radicevic

Extradition rules shield war criminals from justice, leaving many former Yugoslavs fearful of going back to neighbouring countries.

Politics Thwarts Balkan Transport Revolution

Polina Slavcheva

Thanks to regional rivalries and European inconsistency, the dream of a modern transport system for the Balkans is going nowhere fast.

Youth Despair of Decent Future in Kosovo

Sokol Ferizi

Faced with a dismal education system, political uncertainty and economic stagnation, many young Kosovars are opting to leave.

Rich States Poach Former Yugoslavia’s Sporting Talent

Milorad Ivanović

Governments in the region are waking up late to the need for action to halt the flight of their future champions.

Is the West Still the Best for European Business?

Bogdan Asaftei

The economic balance between the two halves of a once-divided continent is shifting, as firms up sticks and head east.

Europe Keeps Door to Poor Albanians Closely Guarded

Altin Raxhimi

Relaxation of EU visa rules benefits middle-class professionals but leaves poor and unskilled families as trapped as before.

Visa Regime Fails to Keep Balkan Immigrants at Bay

Eleonora Veninova

As tight restrictions on travellers fail to stop illegal immigrants, the point of the visa system is being called into question.


Topic 2007: Mobility

The Balkans features a proliferation of borders and barriers to movement of people, goods, capital, services, information and ideas, both among the countries that make it up and vis-à-vis the EU.