Ten Intros later...

Jeton Musliu

Compose, write, delete. Compose, write, delete. Compose, write delete.

Usually when I write an article, I write at least three or four different intros before settling on one to use but for my fellowship story I wrote at least ten.

But finally, I chose one.

I didn’t think that 2.500 words would be enough to for all the information I have gathered, but I managed somehow - well, nearly (I'm 100 words over, but shhh…..don't tell the editor)

I had to sacrifice some great quotes but in the end, I think the result is very good.

It's both a feature and reportage story, in which facts and sources fit together and which, I hope, prove my story idea.

Writing in English was a challenge for me. It’s the first time that I've had to write such a long story in this language so forgive me if reading my story is not as easy as it might be.

Another thing… I was afraid that I might not be on time, but I am... and this is another reason to be happy. Now, I’m just slowly going through what I have done so far adding the final touches.
P.S – Another satisfaction for me is to think that no one before me has written anything on this topic. Now, it’s also time to think how to edit my documentary film. Hopefully, you will watch it in November in Vienna.

Fellow Bio


Jeton Musliu

Jeton Musliu a journalist based in Pristina, currently works on the domestic news desk for the daily Kosovan newspaper Express. He has published numerous investigative articles on topics ranging from corruption, justice, security and terrorism.


Topic 2010: Taboo

Taboos change – rapidly. Homosexuality was once a taboo in Western Europe, as was “living in sin”, [i.e. outside marriage], abortion, childlessness, physical disabilities, atheism and suicide


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