The more you know, the less you want to say

Sabina Niksic

Following more than three months of exploring the historic, political, cultural and religious realities of my country in greater depth than ever before I decided to write a simple “human interest story.“

But just as I was packing for what I believed was a well deserved vacation, my local editor called to voice his disappointment. He followed me through every step of the process and on numerous occasions we ended up having long conversations about the past and different possible scenarios for the future of the no man's land and the wider world we live in.

Human interest, he said, was not even nearly good enough...
So here I am, sitting on the terrace of my summer weekend house facing the challenge of producing a story that will make him happy, but which will at the same time be  interesting for the ordinary reader in, let's say, Manila than an academic paper on the Balkans.

So keep your fingers crossed for me until, in less than a week, the time comes to see if I've succeeded.

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Sabina Niksic

Sabina Niksic is a journalist from Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, who has worked for the France Press Agency since 2001


Topic 2009: Identity

The collapse of the Iron Curtain in 1989 triggered a frenzied phase of nation-building in Eastern Europe, while some Balkan nations embarked on armed conflicts aimed at strengthening national, religious and cultural identities.


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