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31 Jan 2019 / 17:08

Shut-Out Balkan Migrants Find Romanian Backdoor to EU

Adrian Mogos, Lindita Cela, Kreshnik Gashi, Jovana Georgievski BIRN

The closure of the Hungarian border to keep migrants out has pushed some of those who are desperate to leave Kosovo or Albania to find new routes to Western Europe via Romania.

24 Jul 2018 / 12:44

Croatia's Drowning Dubrovnik 'Not Just an ATM'

Barbara Matejcic

Vastly outnumbered by tourists, the few remaining residents of Dubrovnik’s iconic Old Town rue the loss of its identity, charm and way of life.

13 Mar 2018 / 14:07

Kosovo’s Political Murders: Unpunished but Not Forgotten

Serbeze Haxhiaj Pristina

The Pristina authorities and international missions failed to jail the perpetrators of a series of political assassinations and gun attacks after the Kosovo war ended - but survivors hope a new Hague-based court can succeed.

/en/file/show/ThesexteenyearoldEltoninhishomeinShkodra-Photo-IvanaDervishi LEAD-2tb.jpg
12 Feb 2018 / 12:16

Albanian Minors Risk Everything to Escape Poverty Trap

Aleksandra Bogdani Tirana, Shkoder and Fier

Thousands of Albanian children have left home to seek asylum in the EU – claiming their parents abandoned them.

/en/file/show/Group photo_Oasa medical camp.jpg
05 Feb 2018 / 10:26

Orthodox religion, unorthodox medicine: The rise of Romania’s Christian doctors

Sorana Stanescu Oasa and Bucharest

A new breed of Romanian doctors wants to place faith at the heart of their practice, alarming those who believe religion and medicine do not mix.

/en/file/show/myftiu sytari tb.jpg
15 Jan 2018 / 17:51

Parents of Albanian ISIS ‘Martyrs’ Abandoned to Grief

Serbeze Haxhiaj, Elvis Nabolli

Their sons went to fight for ISIS in Syria or Iraq, and some even had children in the conflict zone - then they were killed, leaving their impoverished relatives in Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia to suffer.

/en/file/show/Farisa with her friend at classroom in school Jovan Ristic tb.jpg
27 Sep 2017 / 17:29

Serbia’s Child Migrants Find Road to School Long

Marija Jankovic Belgrade

Several hundreds migrant children are due to enroll in schools across Serbia this month, but their reception varies and old issues of discrimination still exist.

/en/file/show/Kosovo police Photo Atdhe Mulla 640.jpg
17 Jul 2017 / 16:15

When Kosovo's War on Crime is Perceived as a Nuisance

Serbeze Haxhiaj

In Kosovo, testifying is considered a mark of shame - while the war on crime can be also seen  as a nuisance for people who for years have learned to live side-by-side with illegality.

/en/file/show/Romania Protest Photo by Vadim Ghirda AP 640 thumb.jpg
02 Mar 2017 / 14:22

How Did Romanian Protest Culture Evolve?

Vlad Odobescu

Romania has seen a spike in social engagement with waves of protests engulfing the country in recent years.

26 Jan 2016 / 13:51

Few but Fanatical – the Kosovo Women Who Go Over to ISIS

Arbana Xharra

Kosovo has been one of Europe’s most pro-American states since the United States helped it break free of Serbian control. Yet in a generational shift in this largely secular country, Islamic radicalisation is making some in-roads among the young. And it’s not only men who have gone east to join ISIS


Turkey and the Balkans

The re-emergence of Turkey as a growing economic, political and religious power in the Balkans is the subject of the latest Balkan Fellowship for Journalistic Excellence Alumni Initiative project.

Roma Decade

Twelve countries, including several Balkan states, have signed up to the European Roma Decade 2005-2015 initiative. Halfway through the decade, has any real progress been made?

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08 Jun 2017 / 00:18

Balkan Fellowship Journalist Elvis Nabolli Wins Investigative Award

Elvis Nabolli, a 2016 fellow in the Balkan Fellowship for Journalistic Excellence, has won the award for best article by young investigative journalist, as part of the part of EU Investigative Awards in Albania.